​                                                             Interior Protection. From $20

So much talk about keeping your paint looking good dont forget to treat your seats & carpets to our fabric protection which is a water resistant coating.

The fabric protector has been developed to give maximum possible protection against stains. Any spillage will just sit on top of the fabric which will make it easier for you to clean up.

Seats must be cleaned prior to us adding the fabric protection


Small Coupe -

Sedan -

Full SUV / Truck -

Extended Vehicles -


It doesn’t take much to destroy your vehicle’s paintwork; UV sunlight, cinder dust, magnesium chloride (winter de-icer), road salt, tree sap, and harsh air particles will slowly but surely remove the glossy shine from your car and eat their way into the layers of paint. Waxes and sealants help to block out these harmful elements, but they only do so much and usually last weeks or months; enter ceramic coatings - specifically Gtechniq Smart Surface Coatings!

Combining the power of nanotechology with the heat-resistant and oxidation-resistant properties of ceramic, your vehicle can now be protected from these harsh elements for years instead of months and look amazing in the process! Washing and maintaining your car is also a breeze after it's been treated with a ceramic coating.

Nano-composite ceramic coatings including those that we offer from Gtechniq provide added safeguards against corrosion and are highly scratch resistant. After fully curing, Gtechniq coatings create an ultra hydrophobic, extremely slick, high-gloss, very durable, chemically bonded layer of optically clear ceramic - essentially, amazing protection and amazing looks!!

Crystal Serum Light is a premium ceramic coating that leaves your vehicle incredibly protected. After applied and fully cured, the paint extremely slick, ultra glossy and amazingly clear - all while producing amazing amounts of protection. The ceramic layer is extremely high in density meaning it resists chemicals from pH2 to pH12 (from regular dirt to bird droppings are easily repelled by the coating). The coating also resists much higher and lower temperatures making it an excellent coating for the extremes of Central Oregon weather. When it comes to adding gloss, resisting swirls/contaminants and dirt repellency, Gtechniq Crystal Serum Light is an amazing product! Lasts roughly three to four years.

What is the standard process for applying Protective Coatings?

Full filtered multiple stage wash and total preparation process. The first step is a foam wash to knock loose all dirt that may sit on the vehicle’s surface. Second is a contact wash performed using a safe wash mitt or sponge designed to clean without paint marring. A clay bar treatment is then performed. Next, for contaminates that cannot be removed from just a standard wash or clay, a decontaminating spray (Iron-X) is applied to remove surface iron deposits and deep grime in the clear coat and all surfaces. (Note: Door jambs, trunk jambs, gas door, and engine are lightly cleaned during the process) Final step is a complete electronic air dry and surface inspection. Then last is a single stage polish . *Preparation process is included in each protective coating selection.